OTC 004: Special Election Edition with Sylvia Gorter. A dystopian view of the future after the election, bizarre dreams and lots of fear!


Improv Podcast 4

Recorded as the election results were coming in and nobody knew the results: Chad and Sylvia take an improvised leap through time to discover what effect the president can have on the world. Then, we enter a dreamscape and one girl’s fight to survive!

An improv show from SeattleImprovClasses.com featuring guests who get put on the spot with no idea of what’s going to happen. They have to think on their feet and improvise scenes, stories, interviews and anything else that the host, Chad Elliot, decides to test them with. There’s comedy, drama, action and humor. There are also tips on how to successfully improvise yourself and how to become funnier, quicker on your feet and more confident.

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