Students Share Their Experiences
of Seattle Improv Classes

George Franco - Emmy Nominated TV Reporter of FOX 5 News - Atlanta, GA*

"There are nothing but good things I can say about this wonderful teacher."

*George did eight hours of improv coaching with Chad over the phone.

Maria Stoica - Software Engineer II, Microsoft - Redmond, WA

Improv review

"I've been working on a novel for six years. But a year ago I developed writer's block, and progress on my novel stopped dead in its tracks. My creativity was dried up. Then I signed up for your classes. After the first class, my creative juices got flowing. For the first time in a year, I could start to write again. Ever since then, I've been writing more of my novel every week."

Spencer Breseman - Senior Internal Auditor at Holland America Line - Seattle, WA

“I wanted to personally thank you for your class and its role in my professional development. I set a goal earlier last year to be accepted into my company's global development program, which is competitive.

I achieved that goal! I am currently writing to you from our branch in Hamburg, Germany! I believe the boost of confidence the improv training gave to my presentation skills played a role in achieving that goal.”

Susan Berge - Editor & Project Manager - Originally from Seattle, WA

“I moved to Minnesota last year, and I couldn't find anything like your classes here. They are special!”

Jesse LaJeunesse - Salesperson - Tukwila, WA

"A lot of it was immediately useful. Both at my job and just in terms of interacting with other people."

Renee Larkin - Data Specialist - Everett, WA

"A great way to develop yourself personally. I would recommend it to just about anybody."

Nityendra Singh - Software Engineer - Seattle, WA

Andy Capelluto - Author and Trainer - Kirkland, WA

"I think Chad is an outstanding teacher, I've loved working with him."

Shawn Radar - Software Engineer - Seattle, WA

Pam Forquera - Speech Pathologist - Issaquah, WA

"If you just want to do something fun, it's only positive. There's no negatives - there's nothing embarrassing about it."

Improv Podcast with PAm

Anish Khattar - Software Engineer - Seattle, WA

Kima Tozay - Psychotherapist - Stanwood, WA

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