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What Students Say:

Confidence for job interviews...

Daney LaVigne

Board Member at NW Children's Fund
Seattle, WA

I joined Chad's class 5 months ago when I found myself out of work, and it was a blessing to meet him! Chad has a natural way of putting people at ease and helping you work through moments with clarity and fun.

I joined his class to learn different communication strategies and I've learned so much more than that. Chad is a great teacher with great energy, and I highly recommend working with him!!

Let go of shyness...

Karen Neal

Health Advisor
Kirkland, WA

Chad is a world of knowledge, and a very good facilitator and teacher. He is able to answer the most difficult questions with skill and understanding.

Who would believe that shy people, those who have trouble believing in themselves, could learn to laugh and play, think on their feet, feel confident, and communicate without feeling self conscious, in front of OTHER people who are doing the same. Chad makes that happen!

Safe to explore your creativity...

Shiromi Arserio

Voice Actor
Seattle, WA

I’m a voice actor so improv is an important skill to have. I hadn’t taken any improv in a while after a negative experience a few years back in which I worked with a director who did not offer the friendliest of environments.

Chad has created a fun group that feels safe to explore your creativity without fear of ‘failure.’ It’s okay to try new things. It’s okay to ‘fail,’ and you’ll have a good time doing so. He also offers great, real world insights into human nature.

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