Why do these Fortune 100 Companies Use Improv Training?

30 years ago, if you'd said that business improv training would be used by thousands of the most successful companies in the world... people would have laughed at you!

Times change.

Now, Applied Improv ​is a well-known method of successfully building teams, improving communication, and developing presentation skills. It's a powerful tool for creating successful companies. Improv develops many important skills:

  • It builds teams and helps create new pathways of communication...
  • It develops confidence presenting in front of groups -- one of the most difficult challenges for professionals to overcome...
  • It builds many soft skills that lead to hard results: improved sales, customer service, employee retention...
  • It teaches people to recognize subtle non-verbal signals that can make a difference in landing big contracts...
  • It teaches how to remain calm in handling stressful situations...
  • It trains people to really listen in a way that creates trust, improves performance, and generates faster results...
  • All that, and it's training people will look forward to with pleasure rather than dread!

But not all improv training is the same. At Seattle Improv Classes, I combine the tools of improv with other valuable strategies. My workshops teach people how to become captivating storytellers, make presentations that sizzle, and communicate more effectively in real-world situations. 

Laura Eddy

Sr. Director, Customer Insights

"Zillow used Seattle Improv Classes to help build bridges among several teams within the organization that had some challenges in getting on the same page for working styles and collaboration. I have to say that Chad delivered on our goals and objectives well above expectations. Going in, we had three objectives beyond just team building: 

  • Learning to think on our feet better (especially in meetings when we are asked questions we have not prepared for).
  • Build empathy with each other.
  • Learn to build off of each other’s ideas (we are stronger when we collaborate and work together rather than separately).

Chad took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve and tailored a program that fit our needs, budget and timeframe. The communication was head and shoulders beyond other improv programs that I had reached out to for information. While the initial idea of doing improv training seemed to strike terror into the hearts of the teams initially, I received feedback from multiple people that it was some of the best business training we have done at Zillow."

Brian Flores

Injury Prevention Sr. Specialist

"Everyone had a blast with the improv yesterday and I really think it woke everyone up and connected everyone in a way that will be incredibly helpful to us building our culture. I had a lot of great feedback from it and it generated many much needed laughs. I will keep you in mind for our event next year or if I come across anyone who may need a change of pace."

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