Chad's Improv Matrix!
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Improv Suggestion App

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A common challenge in improv is getting good suggestions. Often, we use the same ideas again and again. Audiences frequently yell out suggestions that are disgusting or bizarre in hopes of a laugh - but, without thought to giving great ideas to create scenes. 

Now, you can have thousands of fantastic, useful, and original suggestions available in an instant!

Chad's improv Matrix:

  • Contains thousands of ideas!
  • Has 13 categories to choose from: People, Activities, Places, Headlines, Slang, Events, Objects, Emotions, Movies, Problems, Jobs, Desires, and Tilts!
  • Gives completely random answers and only repeats an answer after the entire list for that subject has been exhausted!

Chad's improv Matrix was designed by an improviser, for improvisers. And, the best part... it's FREE!

Click to download Chad's Improv Matrix App!

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