Icebreakers and Improv

Whether for business meetings and functions, classes, or parties, icebreakers are one of the most important elements you can include. Often activities like these bring together people who are complete strangers. Most of us aren't 100% socially comfortable, and many people experience anxiety and discomfort meeting new people. 

The best thing you can do is to use a variety of improv games and lighthearted activities to get everyone interacting in a fun, friendly way. This will make the rest of their time more enjoyable. Breaking the ice early on will guarantee that people can make new friends and meet new people in an easy, fun way. They'll thank you for making the experience more enjoyable and avoiding the awkwardness of forced introductions.

How can you get people relaxed and into a fun state of mind? There are many ways!

  • ​Have everyone go around and meet everyone else... only they are not allowed to speak!
  • Allow people to go and meet others... but, they have to speak in gibberish! Or, they can only use one word, like "blah."
  • Get people over their physical barriers by have them do an activity together while physically touching. For example, have teams of two race around the room. Only, one person in each pair has their eyes closed, and the other has to guide them. 

These types of games are extremely valuable at the start of a party or meeting. Also, improv games and icebreakers are extremely useful for during the party, to keep energy high and get people excited and energized again.

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