Keith Johnstone
Author of Impro and Improv for Storytellers

Many of the games, ideas, rules and techniques of modern improv were created by Keith Johnstone.
Now, you can hear the legend in his own words. 

Here's Keith speaking at the TEDxYYC.
Learn why he says: Don’t Do Your Best.

Some things he talks about: "Be average." "Those who say 'yes' are rewarded by the adventures they have. Those who say 'no' are rewarded by the safety they attain." "Striving after originality makes your work mediocre." "I always took whatever my teachers said was true and asked if the opposite was also true."

Keith Johnstone talks about taking risks, fear and failing on stage.

Keith Johnstone on spontaneity, creativity and schooling.

Keith Johnstone covers status in improv and communication.

Keith Johnstone on masks, being in the moment and expresssing yourself.

Keith Johnstone mad about TheatreSports, and comedy vs. theatre.

Learning, memory and performing with Keith Johnstone.

Keith: why to try to bore your audience.

I hope you enjoy these insightful interviews with Keith Johnstone. He reveals a great deal of wisdom. Improv can help you gain a greater presence, awareness and connection. With continued practice you can become more in the moment and spontaneous, and learn to think-on-your-feet very easily.

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