OTC 002: Improvised dating advice from dating guru Amin Lakhani, therapy gone comedically wrong and how to save yourself from lava on a first date!

Improv Podcast 2

Dating coach Amin Lakhani is put to the test on the craziest improvised date he’s ever had. He also experiences powerful therapy. Plus, he shares some insights on how improv can make your dating life more successful!

An improv show from SeattleImprovClasses.com featuring guests who get put on the spot with no idea of what’s going to happen. They have to think on their feet and improvise scenes, stories, interviews and anything else that the host, Chad Elliot, decides to test them with. There’s comedy, drama, action and humor. There are also tips on how to successfully improvise yourself and how to become funnier, quicker on your feet and more confident.

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