Off-The-Cuff Podcast Guest:
Max Campos

Max Campos gives us a blind perspective on life, gets sent to the hospital after a lap-dance, and tries to order a Big Mac...

Maximiliano Campos Blind Hour  Podcast

Our special guest Max Campos shares his inspiring life story, has adventures with wine and prostitutes, and dramatically fails to sale a computer to a customer at all politely. Max is host of the Blind Hour Podcast. We had a lot of fun!

” I have had many interesting experiences in my life and approach everything I do and every single day with a lot of humor and positive energy. I was born in Brazil and at age 12 I moved to the US, where less than a year later I lost my sight due to a genetic degenerative illness called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

I have had many struggles and many barriers in my life but today I continue to work toward personal growth and betterment. I am a blind man who has struggled through social/cultural barriers to reach a point in my life where I am using my reach and experiences to talk to other disabled people to slowly break down said barriers a little bit at a time.

My background is in Mental Health and I have a BA in Clinical Psychology, Masters of Social Work, Post Graduate Certificate of Rehabilitation Counseling as well as 5 years of volunteer/internship experience in the Mental Health field as a Psychologist, Social Worker, Family Counselor, and other related areas.

I am also currently working on a documentary that will serve as a way to spread the word about my Podcast, personal stories and experiences, as well as to spread the word about the barriers and struggles of the disabled–in particular the blind–community. Further, I will soon be launching a life-skills coaching business to share the life skills I have learned and mastered throughout my life and experiences.”

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