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Sunday, September 11th from 1:15 to 2:45
At the Northgate Library

Have you wanted to try out improv and been too nervous? Worried that you’ll mess up or feel stupid? Almost everyone feels that way at first, and this is an opportunity to try it out in a safe, easy, playful way.

I guarantee it will be easier and more fun than you expected!

Most people don’t learn improv to become actors. They do it because it’s a fun, exciting way to gain skills that make their lives better! They want to become happier, more confident, more creative… the list goes on!

The skills you are learning in improv can help you ace your next job interview, have more fun and relaxed conversations, and communicate better at work.

You don’t need any previous experience, just a desire to learn and to discover your life changing for the better. You’ll make new friends in a warm, playful setting. Laugh and have fun while learning to:

• Think quickly…

• Become more creative…

• Develop people skills…

• Let go of limitations….

• Handle challenges with less stress…

• Communicate better…

• Learn to handle difficult people…

• Turn negativity and self-criticism into enjoyment and learning …

• Gain confidence in public speaking or just become more outgoing…

• Find new, fulfilling relationships that make you feel amazing…

• Make your current relationships more exciting and satisfying…

• And, discover what you’re really capable of accomplishing!

If that’s exciting to you, then you’ll be be blown away by the huge difference you’ll find this making in your life!

Here are some wonderful comments from previous classes:


“I’m a voice actor so improv is an important skill to have. I hadn’t taken any improv in a while after a negative experience a few years back in which I worked with a director who did not offer the friendliest of environments. Chad has created a fun group that feels safe to explore your creativity without fear of ‘failure.’ It’s okay to try new things. It’s okay to ‘fail,’ and you’ll have a good time doing so. He also offers great, real world insights into human nature.”

— Shiromi Arserio

“Chad creates a welcoming space where people can explore creative play. Students quickly challenge their own comfort zones by trusting their partners. Throughout the work, Chad also integrates ways in which the techniques brought together can apply in our daily lives.”

— Jonathan Stallings

“I used to be very quiet and non-talkative. Chad has helped me open up more and to better communicate with the people in my life. By going to just a few of his classes, I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to make conversations more fruitful and fulfilling. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone and everyone. Improv can help better many aspects of your life and it’s so much fun, too.” — Theron Webber

“I get lots of practice thinking on my feet and lots of feedback and ideas about where I could take the scenes I’m in. Of course, I also get to do all of this in front of lots of strangers in a very supportive environment where everybody’s in the same boat.” — Tim Glaim

“This class is a fun way to connect with others and push your improv skills.”

— Sergio Camargo

“Everything was awesome, when you’re part of the team. Cool and open and mind expanding.”

— Frank Coble

“Being in a room full of strangers who were all very friendly and supportive really helped me to come out of my shell and be creative. I also had a lot of fun and met awesome people!”

— Wen Xiao

“On the surface, it may appear as if we are just playing games. What is happening on a deeper level, however, is that we are learning. Learning about communication, relationships, creativity, acceptance, and the power of being present. The value of these lessons, when applied correctly in life, is priceless. Oh yeah. Also, the meetups are fun and Chad is informative, encouraging, and welcoming. ” — Wen

“ A Great Way To Shake Up The Bones~ ” — Shepard Siegel

“It allows me to enter situations I’ve never been in, so that I may both understand other’s behavior and adapt accordingly.” — Lyssander Dusselie

“Chad does a great job of holding the group, with an enthusiastic approach and clear, purposeful direction – while improvising.🙂 ” — Timothy Shaw

“Totally loved this group. This was my first time attending and I felt welcomed and at home. Chad is a world of knowledge, and a very good facilitator and teacher. He is able to answer the most difficult questions with skill and understanding. If you are new to improvisation, this group and its leader are amazing. ” — Karen

“Chad, that was fantastic. I gained alot of insight from your class today. Thank you so much.”

— Julia Hunsinger

“Really fun, really informative, really well shaped- who could ask for more?”

Amy Ruben

“Chad is a natural improviser and inviting teacher. There was a good mix of lessons and group practice. I felt comfortable experimenting and learning. Fun improv games and friendly people. Chad does a great job of moving things along and inspiring everyone to play full out.”

— Amin Lakhani

“Twas a lot of fun!!”

— Gary Floyd

“Loads of fun!”

— Lucas V O’Conor

“Hey! This afternoon was one of my favorite few hours of the year.”

— David

“The leadership is excellent and the attendees committed to the learning process. I especially appreciated the reassurance from, Chad, the leader. I felt a general kindness and acceptance between all participants. I like the diversity of the individual participants. I overcame my general fear and know that the process will reveal more and I look forward to the growth. Frankly, I had a great time laughing and learning.” — April Brown

“They have a mantra, “If you’re laughing, you’re learning.” So true, and great to feel that way again in Improv!” — Susan

“Chad is an excellent facilitator creating an environment where it is okay to explore and have a laugh at behavior patterns that we all use to negotiate conversations and relationships in general. I had a great time. Thank you chad for teaching and organizing. You rock!”

— Laurie

“I had a wonderful time. It was fun and challenging.”

— Dagan

“Very good job. Wonderful facilitator, excellent exercises, amazing participants. Secure, respectful and fun! One of the best motivational groups that I have participated in!”

— Mirian Aguirre

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