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Off-The-Cuff Podcast #011 David Molofsky

Off-The-Cuff Episode 11:David MolofskyChad enjoys improvising with David Molofsky, of the Place to Hang Your Cape Podcast. He shares superhero secrets, a slug runs away with the spoon, we learn why not to mess with your grandma, and where to find voodoo dolls.  Find David at: The A Place To Hang Your Cape website ​Podcast: PodCapers ​Instagram: @AP2HYC ​Twitter: […]

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OTC 010: Kara Peterson

​OFF-THE-CUFF Episode 10:Kara Peterson reads us an embarrassing bubble story, she gets hit on by the principle, and she discovers she has to assassinate the president. Today’s guest is Kara Peterson. She is the “voice” behind the Epic Engineer. She’s a wife, teacher, writer, and more importantly, on the same journey so many are on: […]

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OTC 009: Gem Swallow from sunny old England

Off-The-Cuff Podcast Guest: Gem SwallowGem Swallow from sunny old England pays us a visit. She sings songs from a new version of My Fair Lady, captures a werewolf, and turns into a cat. Plus, why Chad doesn’t normally sing… Our special guest today is Gem Swallow, host of the Imagination Within podcast. She’s in live […]

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OTC 008: Max Campos gives us a blind perspective

Off-The-Cuff Podcast Guest: Max CamposMax Campos gives us a blind perspective on life, gets sent to the hospital after a lap-dance, and tries to order a Big Mac… Our special guest Max Campos shares his inspiring life story, has adventures with wine and prostitutes, and dramatically fails to sale a computer to a customer at all […]

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OTC 002: Improvised dating advice from dating guru Amin Lakhani, therapy gone comedically wrong and how to save yourself from lava on a first date!

Improv Podcast 2

Dating coach Amin Lakhani is put to the test on the craziest improvised date he’s ever had. He also experiences powerful therapy. Plus, he shares some insights on how improv can make your dating life more successful! An improv show from featuring guests who get put on the spot with no idea of what’s […]

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