​The most extreme form of improv and improvisation you'll ever find!!!

The Captivating Storyteller Masterclass

If you want to create stories that feel like this image, you'll want to check out my full-day masterclass.
It's filled with all sorts of valuable tools, techniques and skills.
Grab your audience in a powerful way and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Find out about taking an Improv Class​ in Seattle.

Learn about Improv Everywhere Seattle.

Discover what Improv Comedy is all about.

Learn loads of useful Improv Exercises.

Understand the popular Improv Games.

Learn about the difference between short-form improv and long-form improv.​

Learn why Yes, and... is the most useful skill in improv.

Read a review of Jet City Improv. And, another review of Unexpected Productions Improv at the Pike Place Market.​

Read the Ultimate Guide to Improv: 101 Tips to Improv Success!

This is a view of the articles on Seattle Improv Classes. You can learn about our classes and how we teach you. 

Learn Secrets of Master Storytellers.​ Learn how to improvise a story. Discover new ways the power of stories can improve life.

Improv Tip #1.Improv Secret #2. Improv tip #3 on avoiding mistakes.

Learn from the world's most influential improv teachers. Such as: Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin and Del Close. 

Learn about the Paramount Theater Seattle.

Discover ways to make parties and meeting more fun with Improv Icebreakers.

Get the Improv Suggestion App Software: A Software Tool with Thousands of Ideas. Improv Apps are very useful.

Get tips and strategies on learning improv if you're a beginner. 

HARO Scandal. 

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